Our goal is to offer affordable solutions to our HTML Executable customers. Protect Ebook .net is our hassle-free solution for users who do not want to deal with PHP, server maintenance and installation, databases...

Our company staff manages all of the technical details for you (software, database and server maintenance) while you stay focused on your publications and customers.

With the use of Protect Ebook .net, you can really benefit from all features of our ebook compiler, such as ebook trials and activation, anti-piracy measures, control of ebook use and distribution, automated delivery of license keys and ebook to your users...

Everything for less than 1 USD per day

Every time a customer purchases an ebook from you, he will have to activate it in order to unlock it. We do not charge for the number of end users or ebooks you manage, but for the number of actions your end users do per month, such as activation, deactivation or validation.

You pay only USD 9.95 per month and you get:

  • no restriction on the number of end users you have*.
  • no restriction on the number of publications and ebooks you manage*.
  • 100 free end user actions included per month (USD 0.5 per extra 100 end user actions).
  • no server hosting and bandwidth costs.
  • free license for the Protect Ebook client.
  • free upgrades.
  • basic technical support by e-mail and our forum.
  • cancellation at any time.


For one month, if you sell 400 ebooks and each of these new customers activates the purchased ebook once, you will be charged USD 9.95 + 0.5x3 = USD 11.45. (400 activations = 100 free + 300 extra).

* By default, standard accounts will handle up to 100 publications and 10.000 end users. If your business requires more, we can also provide you with custom solutions or plans based on your needs. Do not hesitate to reach us for a quote.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our plan includes a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you will receive a full refund if you cancel your account within 30 days of the subscription.